Lou Bunk Composer

Lou Bunk (b. 1972) is an American composer and improviser inspired by many forms of avant-garde artistic expression. His sonically rich and intricate music investigates sound and silence through extended instrumental techniques, microtones, amplified found objects, electronics, and generative approaches to texture and form.

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Recent Projects

Collide-O-Scope Music, I co-direct this NYC based new music ensemble.

Opensound, a concert series I produce in Somerville MA.

Being and Becoming, for Toy Piano and Electronics is inlcuded on Xenia Pestova's Innova release here.

Form-and-timbre: The BSC and the Boston Improvising Community, A chapter I wrote for the book “Analytical and Cross-Cultural Studies in World Music”, Oxford University Press (2011) Avaialble on Amazon.

Sixteen Cross Sections of Three Themes, new piece for solo clarinet. here is a video of Marianne Gythfeldt playing at Firehouse Space in Brooklyn

Styrofoam-o-phone, a homemade instrument made of bowed Styrofoam, cardboard and metal. Here is a video of a set at 119 Gallery from Dec. 2013.

Scratch-O-Lin, a homemade instrument of cardboard, Styrofoam and elastic bands. Here is a video of a piece I wrote for this instrument called "study for bowed cardboard"

Grizzler, a large improvising ensemble, directed by Dave Gross. Here is a short video.

Flunk, an improvising duo with Flandrew Fleisenberg.


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Perfomances in 2013/14

Oct.. 5 "Study for Bowed Cardboard", "Cut" and "Styrofoam-o-fone", Unruly Music, Milwaukee, WI

Dec. 6 Styrofoam-o-fone, Gallery 119. Lowell, MA

Dec. 13 "Sixteen Cross-Sections of Three Themes" for solo clarinet, Collide-O-Scope Music at Firehouse Space. Brooklyn, NY

Jan 18 Quartet w/ Noelll Dorsey, Jesse Collins and Howard Martin, Opensound, Somerville, MA

Feb 3 "Being and Becoming" for guitar, sine waves, MAX/MSP and one speaker, performed by Aaron Larget-Caplan at New England Conservatory.

Feb 21 Styrofoam-o-fone, Xfest, Holyoke, MA

Feb 25 Styrofoam-o-fone, Whitehaus, Boston MA

March 7 Grizzler, Washington Street Art Center, Somerville, MA

March 13 "Study for Bowed Cardboard", at Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA

March 16 "Study for Bowed Cardboard", at Firehouse Space. Brooklyn, NY

March 28 "Cut (Feat K.Kirchoff, Toy Piano)", SEAMUS, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

April 26 "Sixteen Cross-Sections of Three Themes" for solo clarinet, MCC Fellowship Concert, Davis Square Theatre, Somerville, MA

May 3 "A Shadow on the White" for two pianos, Collide-O-Scope Music and Marilyn Nonken, at Faust Harrison Pianos, NYC

May 31 "Fortune" for quinet, Collide-O-Scope Music at Symphony Space, NYC

June 25 "A Shadow on the White" for two pianos, Collide-O-Scope Music and Marilyn Nonken at Roulette, Brooklyn, NY


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